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    "Stephanie has an enormous

    gift and ability to see

    the very trueness of a person

    and then reflect that back

     in a really safe and supportive way.

    You really championed (the real) me

    to come out from hiding this morning

    and claim my place in the world today.

    A million thank you's xxx."




  • What we do

    We are for Hair Salon Business Owners & Teams.

    We are for Individual Self Care.


    Getsteffed & Co. is a Self Care COLLECTIVE that houses PASSIONATE & TALENTED COOL-CATZ that operate outside the box - whatever 'the box' is.

    All with the same FOCUS and that is...to be right there GUIDING and educating you as you stretch yourself & ACTION your own personal growth & self care to reach your business and personal goals.


    We are HUMAN BEHAVIOUR observers.

    We FOCUS on your emotional, mental & spiritual headspace, as well as your external presentation & your physical health/fitness too.

    We are UNIQUE and focus on the here & now and moving forward, always moving forward, setting goals, smashing goals.


    We are not Counsellors.

    We are not Psychologists.

    We are NOT perfect.


    We FIND solutions with you & help you ACTION YOUR GOALS, set up LASTING CHANGE, and work with you on blasting OLD PATTERNS out of the water, to hurl you in the general direction of your dreams/goals....so you can live this life your way, on your terms.


    We do this via any means we find, that helps others > > > One-to-one sessions, group sessions, workshops, webinars & community involvement.


    Master Hairdresser/Salon Growth Coach/ Self Care Coaching

    Stephie is a CREATIVE SOUL - first and foremost this is her foundation.


    Being a creative person in this life, also means being SENSITIVE, and if you are one of these people yourself, you will know that it is a massive gift when it comes to OBSERVING and RESPECTING the complexities of HUMAN BEHAVIOUR.


    Stephie has a CERTAINTY that only comes from HONEST LIFE EXPERIENCES and her natural confidence is because she has always taken risks to grow and stretch herself.


    By nature she turns her life challenges into ALL THINGS MEANINGFUL...and that is, helping others through her experiences of >

    • trial & being OK with error
    • risk vs settling for less
    • abundance vs lack mentality
    • daily happiness vs deep depressive sadness
    • riches vs bankruptcy 
    • success vs failure
    • healthy weight vs obesity.


    All of which she had turned from a negative to a positive in her life, so now at 44, her library of knowledge is a great source of wisdom and gratitude. If you ask her, she says she will always be learning and raising her bar, to be the best she can be. She states "I am always working on my shit."


    She takes pride in her challenges and loves that Coaching is NOT about being perfect.

    It's a huge part of the reason she knew this was her field where she could make an honest difference for others whilst being exactly who she is. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.


    Personal Trainer/Gym Manager/Exercise Class Instructor

    Brent is one of those guys who has known what he has wanted out of life from a pretty young age.

    He has trained since he was 16, he has been a natural runner and soccer player for longer than he can remember, and now in his recent past, has become a Personal Trainer.

    Personal Training was his DREAM however dodging that universal fear of NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH, held him back in a SAFE place of no passion, for over 10 years. NOT ANY MORE!


    Brent's journey is full of TRIUMPH so he gets it, how feeling like you suck, holds you back. That's in his past now, and the gifts he has learnt from his self-sabotaging years is WISDOM and SELF WORTH, which he passes on to you within his Training ethic. He is a passionate, caring person who has a strong natural drive to help others.


    Brent now manages the Bangalow Gym and works there as a Class Instructor and PT. Luckily for Getsteffed & Co, he is also our LEAD PERSONAL TRAINER. so we are pretty happy about that!


    Brents many years of experience with gym training, outdoor training, soccer, golf, triathlons, obstacle course events, cricket and running, give him a real life edge to his training with a NEVER GIVE UP approach.


    Stephanie Clifford Hosking

    I incorporate three areas of this in my own work, which is Transformational Hairdressing, Salon Growth Coaching for the Hair Industry and Self Care Coaching for individuals.


    My Husband Brent looks after the Personal Training part of Getsteffed & Co.

    We both share a passion for helping and serving others.


    My Story.

    First and foremost I am an ARTIST.

    Always have been, and always will be...and as an unashamed plug, please visit www.facebook.com.au/stephaniecliffordhoskingart or stephaniecliffordhoskingart.strikingly.com

    This part of me houses my sensitivity (which I embrace these days rather than thinking there's something wrong with me!) and bravery, which gives me the ability to really plug in to others, listen, genuinely care and make lasting changes both inside and out.


    Hairdressing came unexpectedly to me through a somewhat flippant decision one day when I was a teenager, to become a hairdresser.

    That was 27 years ago, and it's this industry that has, and continues to, improve my life on a daily basis.

    Hairdressing grows my empathy, compassion, communication, creativity and love of people beyond any measure.

    I am a better person every day because I know I help people...and they help me right back.


    This work then evolved over the years toward pushing those boundaries of guiding others in my hairdressing daily life, to more of a commitment to do so in a deeper way.


    Enter, me working as a Coach. And in this capacity, I wear two Coaching hats.


    1: SALON GROWTH COACH, which is specifically to help business owners and their teams find their personal contentment and brilliance within that team (automatically creating team member and client retention), to increase the bottom line, smash goals and KPI's and G R O W.

    We set up strategies that you will use forever.


    I do this through focusing on each individual and their core values. I help them find out what that means for them, that approach alone, brings about lasting change for them as individuals, and that's just the beginning.


    Now if the individual is happy...yep you've got it...the team becomes happy too.

    And yes, some team members move on realising where their true hearts desire lay, and the ones that stay become more focused, effective and light in their entire approach to the workplace.


    2: SELF CARE COACH, which is specifically for individuals where we focus on your mission in becoming the best you.


    Are you unhappy with your weight? Your money story? Your personal relationships? Your career? Or do you feel sad a lot? - Then I have what you need, because all of these things are symptoms of something deeper - that crap you've been unable to shift. - That right there is my work.


    I use, first and foremost, my intuition with my Clients, combining human behaviour models & patterns and change mechanisms, combined with my years of listening and guiding, to create something really effective.

    This REALLY helps people and that's why this work is so important to me.


    Well thank you for reading, and feel free to call me or email me if you want more clarification on my work. I love talking about this stuff.

    In kindness,

    Stephie. X

    Experience & Credentials

    You were born with wings. RUMI


    • The Coaching Institute - Master Professional Life Coach 2016
    • Australian Hairdressing Council accredited GOLD SALON SELECT 2015/16
    • Australian Hairdressing Council accredited SILVER SALON SELECT 2014
    • B.A. Communication Design (Creative Industries) QUT
    • Hairdressing Trade Certificate QLD (Honours)
    • Sarah Laidlaw Cloud 9 Education
    • EVO Retail Education
    • Blonde Perfection Certification
    • Lakme Colour Specialist Certification
    • Loreal Colour Specialist
    • Fabuloso Pro Certification
    • Wella Long Hair Education
    • Tracey Hughes Colour and Cutting Education
    • Behind the Chair Balayage Certification
    • The Fox & the Hair Balayage Education
    • Sharon Blain Long Hair Education
    • Nadine Johns-Alcock Hair & Makeup Education
    • Loreal INOA Colour Specialist
    • Graft-a-Lash Eyelash Extension Certification
    • Australian Hairdressing Council current member
    • Edward Beale Cutting Education
    • O&M Colour & Retail Education
    • Wella Colour & Retail Education
    • Showpony Hair Extension Education
    • Shellac Nail Education
    • Hair Expo Various Yearly Educationals
    • Napoleon Makeup Education
    • A.I.M Retail & Selling
    • A.I.M. Account Management



    • 27 Yrs Industry Experience
    • Salon Management
    • Staff Management
    • GHD Educator
    • Music Film Clips
    • Catwalk
    • Fashion Shoots
    • Event Hair & Makeup
    • Wedding Hair & Makeup
    • Featured in Culture Magazine (Hairdressing Industry Mag)
    • Featured in Northern Rivers Weddings Mag
    • Loreal Colour Trophy entry
    • Salon Photoshoots
    • Celebrity Hair & Makeup for Pete Murray, Bernard Fanning, Darren Middleton, Olivia Newton-John, Kate Miller-Heidke, Lara Rafter & Janella Purcell.
  • Vision




    Florence Scovel Shinn

    The Big Vision

    "A happier healthier world, made up of confident, creative and brave individuals, that contribute wholeheartedly to our world in their own unique way."


    My How-I-Want-To-Do-It Mission

    Guiding and educating Salon Business Owners and their Teams, on growth, self confidence, personal performance, reaching KPI's, goal setting and growing a salon culture.


    Values > What the Getsteffed & Co. core is made of:










    Check out how we like to do things here. Also if you need help in resolving anything, check this section out too.

  • Salon Growth Coach

    Create goals, action goals, smash goals, reach KPI's, set up lasting growth strategies, change negative behaviour patterns in teams and salon cultures.

    People in teams, need something to believe in.



    Are you a business owner that is ready to take yourself and your team to the next level? 

    This is my work.

    We ACTION change together.

    We ACTION growth together with measured approaches and goal setting so your dreams as a business owner are realised in a step by step manner with milestones and rewards.

    Within this, your team members goals are realised too, with their own milestones and growth rewards so they feel significant in the salons BIGGER PICTURE.


    This process takes time and it takes commitment, so if you have a business and a team that you feel is worth investing in, then lets start raising the bar and I will help you grow to become the best you and your team can be.


    Who am I and what do I do?

    I am thankful to have experienced being part of numerous types of salon teams, and then in turn, many types of situations within those teams. I have been a Manager, an Educator, a Team Leader, a Team Member, a Senior Stylist, an Artistic Director, and a Salon Owner.


    After 27 years of being part of those teams, seeing what's really going on, becomes second nature. We are all humans and we naturally choose 'above or below the line' behaviour patterns.


    My work is all about identifying those behaviour patterns, diving into them with you, working through and beyond them, then moving forward as a new and more effective TEAM.

    This process is a life changing one if you are committed.


    It's about happy parts contributing to a greater whole and moving through growth and expansion together.


    So exactly what does it take to be part of a pretty bloody amazing TEAM of individuals?


    Well firstly, infusing the beliefs and values of the business owner is imperative. I incorporate these values into everything I say to your team and encourage the growth of an actual salon culture, or the expansion of an existing one.


    I also believe it's about each individual being the best version of themselves they can be. Imagine grouping many of those happy types of people into a collective to create the ultimate team!


    That ultimate team and it's happy team members naturally attract more clients.

    These team members give more, exude confidence, own responsibility and interact with other team members in a supportive and collective manner.




    So click on the FREE INTRODUCTORY Session...

    It's 45 minutes to experience what I do, without obligation.

    You have everything to gain.







    Henry Ford





    STEP 1.

    CLICK ON the FREE Introductory Session link in the menu and book in.

    If you are happy after this session, then continue on reading STEP 2.


    Our first FREE COACHING session together is truly important. I will be like a curiosity freak and ask as many questions as I can to get the best snapshot of you, your salon and your team.

    We'll talk about your values and beliefs and what you want for your future, your business, your family. (It's important that you know I do this with a true sense of respect toward you and your privacy.)


    STEP 2.

    I will put together a package with a timeframe and costings, that I think best suits you and we will commit to and book in those appointments.


    STEP 3

    We begin our process which will be tailored to you and your teams requirements...a process that will change the way you do things and create lasting change.

    I'm happy for you.



    The willingness and ability to

    challenge a status quo that no longer

    serves the greater good, so that

    individuals can come together and

    create something they love, they're

    proud of and that makes a difference.

    Sharon Pearson


  • Self Care Coach

    SELF CARE COACHING - For Individuals

    HONOUR >> A fairness and integrity in

    ones beliefs and actions.

    HONOUR in the self.

    HONOUR in responsibility.

    HONOUR in truth.

    HONOUR your heart.

    HONOUR your confidence.


    What do I mean when I talk about honouring ones self?

    It isn't complicated and it isn't selfish :)


    It is about a true and simple caring towards who you are, what you need and how that then translates into the world around you.

    Beyond there I guide you into ACTIONING that awareness everyday, with your thoughts, rituals, and actions.




    There are many reasons in life we find ourselves lost inside.

    Having and raising children...or loosing someone you love...or maybe it was a trauma that has blown the wind out of your sails.

    Basically when our outside world becomes overwhelming and seemingly larger than us, we loose ourselves.

    If this goes on for a long time it can become your normal.


    My work is to guide you FORWARD in finding you again.

    I don't focus on your past, we look toward your future.

    I guide you in becoming the best version of yourself.

    You will face the shit. You will move on.

    Be brave, be honest because you are capable of anything that matters to you.


    The beauty of this kind of transformation is that we all then are more capable of giving wholeheartedly to our friends, family, community, country and the world at large.









    STEP 1.

    Click on the FREE COACHING Session button in the menu.

    It will take you to my online appointment book where you can book a time that's best for you.


    It's as simple as that.


    I will email you with details on our call and we are on our way.

    Take advantage of this call as you have nothing to loose and everything possible to gain.



    "Stephanie has an enormous gift and ability to see

    the very trueness of a person

    and then reflect that back in a really safe and supportive way.

    You really championed (the real) me to come out from hiding this morning

    and claim my place in the world today.

    A million thank yous xxx "




    "Dear Steph, I hope you realise how special you are.

    You're open, honest heart has helped me in ways you will never even understand.

    I am so grateful.

    Incredibly a lot of my life transformations this year all come back to you!

    So much love and gratitude..."





  • Personal Training

    With Brent Hosking Personal Trainer

    Who is Brent?

    Personal Trainer

    Brent is a qualified Personal Trainer that specialises in helping you find a fitness level that increases your health and well-being.

    Brent focuses on growing confidence and self esteem through individualised programs tailored specificially for your personal requirements.

    He is a family man with integrity and a great sense of care for others.

    Brent is based in Bangalow near Byron Bay and trains inside Bangalow Gym, on the beach and provides outside training too.


    Brent is a keen mid-distance runner, loves golf, cycling, soccer and cricket along with gym training & weights. His experience in these fields, adds useful insight to his knowledge base.


    INSTAGRAM @brenthoskingpersonaltrainer

    FACEBOOK /brenthoskingpersonaltrainer

    Get Started

    Put one foot in front of the other...that is all.

    Do you remember looking in the mirror and actually liking what you saw?

    Remember when you had more energy and less of the body aches?

    Do you remember when your life energy was charged up and ready to excitingly take on each new day?

    You can change your fitness and you can start today because each of us deserves a strong, healthy body so we can live our life to the fullest

    I am passionate about health and well being. I have nearly 20 years experience in physical fitness and care greatly about giving my clients the best service I can.

    I will listen and help you push through those fitness boundaries so you can make true change in your life.

    START NOW even if you just take a minute to call and ask a few questions of me, that is a step in the right direction - make a change today.

    Brent and Stephanie can work closely together to increase your power to change, and are happy to organise packages to suit your lifestyle and budget.

  • Book your FREE Introductory Session

    In this FREE 45min call we will chat together and find out if we are a good fit. Having a connection is really important, because it means you will thrive during our sessions. You can ask heaps of questions and find out what you need to know.


    Book below by clicking the button, which will take you to my online appointment book.


    Isn't it time to let go of shit you don't need in your life?

    Don't waste another minute of this pretty bloody fabulous life.

    Take a leap of faith FOR YOU this time.

  • Connect

    GETSTEFFED & CO. rents space within Bangalow Hairdressing (located at 15 Byron Street Bangalow)

    SALON MOBILE IS > > > +61 0 400 844 100.









    +61 0 400 844 100




  • Cool Stuff We Do

    All the cool stuff we do & achieve for us and others.

    Barnardos Australia 

    We believe in children.

    Barnardos Australia is Getsteffed & Co.'s organisation of choice and gives $1 from every salon service to helping Australian children find a better way. 

    "When children experience violence and trauma, the effects devastate communities, ruin childhoods and in the worst cases kill.
    Our work protects and empowers Australian children, young people and families into the future."  Barnardos Australia.

    Gold Salon Select

    An accreditation from the Australian Hairdressing Council.

    Achieved in 2015 and current to 2016- The highest Australian hairdressing industry accreditation for:

    1. industry standards
    2. skill
    3. client service
    4. environmental awareness
    5. staff care & employment
    6. salon protocols

    Australian Hairdressing Council


    Annual Member

    The Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) is the national voice that connects hairdressing professionals, educators and suppliers, Together we elevate industry standards, reputation and image to create a better future.




    Annual School Fundraiser

    Mad Hatters

    Every year Getsteffed & Co. assist our local school in their annual fundraising efforts.  We set up a tent and create lots of fabulous little heads of coloured hair using a wash out hair chalk.  The kids LOVE it for weeks!

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    HAIRDRESSING Grievances Policy

    Getsteffed & Co. takes great pride in their HAIRDRESSING work, however if for any reason you feel dissatisfied with your service or part thereof, please contact us in writing via email within 24 hrs of leaving the salon to ensure no extra costings are incurred if more Hair work needs to be done.

    Getsteffed will always strive to arrive at your desired outcome and appreciates any constructive feedback.

    HAIRDRESSING Returns Policy

    If any hair or beauty product purchased with Getsteffed is bought in a faulty condition or is out of date, Getsteffed will happily exchange. No refunds are given.

    GETSTEFFED & CO. Privacy Policy

    Your privacy is a number one consideration.

    We do not share any personal information, private conversations or associated topics.

    GETSTEFFED & CO. Standards

    Getsteffed & Co. adhere with the highest of education, service and care. We are members of the Australian Hairdressing Council and have achieved GOLD SALON SELECT level. All members of Getsteffed & Co. are continually updating their education and are actively involved in our industry.













  • Blog

    Honest thoughts from me...come follow me.


    "She could never go back and make some of the details pretty.

    All she could do was move forward and make the whole beautiful."

    TERRI ST. CLOUD via Brene Brown


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  • Events


    Recent Event >>>


    Saturday 27th August 2016 1pm-3pm

    Heritage House Bangalow NSW Australia


    Do you know your values & their order of importance to you?
    Do you know what needs to happen in order for you to experience those values daily?
    Are you living in alignment with those values?


    “Living in ALIGNMENT with your VALUES is the single most powerful
    ACTION we can take for ourselves. It provides our ‘Why’... our life platform to pounce from &
    be all we can be, and also gives us our ability to effectively HELP others.
    Without knowing these values & actioning them EVERYDAY, we are literally flying in the dark,
    without FOCUS, repeating old patterns & BELIEFS that prevent us from moving FORWARD.”

    Stephanie Clifford Hosking

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