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Getsteffed moves forward.

The Byron Street salon changes & moves out.

It's been two and a half years since I first opened the doors on Byron Street, and it's been an amazing ride.  I have learnt SO much being a grown up business owner.  Those learnings naturally spilt over into my personal development, and I have grown incredibly.
Although I did go through big sadness in making this very recent decision, (Don't forget sadness is part of seeing truth) a happiness underpins it all as I will be incorporating my Self Care Coaching into Getsteffed. 
Getsteffed - The Self Care Collective is born.
I will be Freelancing as a Hairstylist and Makeup Artist a few days a week (currently at POMSTAR HAIR Bangalow) and will also be having days where there might be a Getsteffed workshop or Coaching Sessions.  So my week now will be quite varied, however still working within similar realms - Helping people be the best they can be and shine their light.  I get to do it all!
Introducing the concept of Self Care into my work seemed a very natural progression as I assist people everyday on so many levels.  Becoming a Coach fortifies that. 
Exciting right!  
I am thrilled and will keep you posted.
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